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Bonito Brazil – The Hidden Gem for Eco-Tourism

Tourists enjoying a tranquil boat ride on the serene waters of Bonito’s rivers, surrounded by untouched nature.

The turquoise-blue water, the untouched green woods, the species of animals in the forest, and the amazing environment, creates a magical and fascinating experience at Bonito Brazil. Keep reading this article ahead to know everything about this amazing place, we have included a complete guide of this location.

The natural essence of the beautiful eco-tourism locked in the southwestern corner of Mato Grosso do of Amazon Basin is breathtaking.

With the crystal clear water for diving, and snorkeling the Bonito is ethereal. The caves with lakes, beautiful waterfalls, and incredibly clear rivers, let us take a dip in the water to explore the mystical and ethereal secret paradise of Bonito in Brazil.

Where is Bonito Brazil?

The astonishing and mesmerizing Brazil’s Bonito is the nature’s paradise located in the southwestern corner of Mato Grosso do of Amazon Basin. With the crystal clear freshwater, the amazing and untouched green woods, the never-ending beauty of nature, and the amazing and rare animals to see, this place is a paradise of hues of blue and green.

A scenic waterfall cascading into a clear pool in Bonito, inviting visitors for a refreshing swim.
Cool off under a cascading waterfall in Bonito, an invigorating and refreshing experience in Brazil’s natural oasis.

How to get to Bonito Brazil?

Bonito in Brazil is undoubtedly the best eco-tourism destination and is heaven on earth. The best way and easiest way to reach Bonito in Brazil is via Campo Grande International Airport. It is located in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul state. Fly from Rio to Bonito Brazil, first at the capital city of Campo, and then from there, you can book a private car to bust to reach the mesmerizing city of Bonito.

The mesmerizing Gruta do Lago Azul in Bonito, with its striking blue waters and ancient stalactites.
Discover the surreal beauty of Gruta do Lago Azul in Bonito, a cave with stunning blue waters and dramatic stalactites.

What to do in Bonito Brazil?

The mystical and magical turquoise-blue water is so charming, and the evergreen forest beside it makes it even more beautiful. With the splendid environment and the untouched greenery, Bonito in Brazil is heaven on earth.

The best things to do in Bonito Brazil are:

  • Go for snorkeling and diving in freshwater.
  • Go for a hike in waterfalls
  • Get thrilled by the rappelling and zip line
  • Try horseback riding in the green
  • Take a sip of Taboa, the typical strong spirit of Bonito
  • Explore the caves of Abismo Anhumas
  • Visit Boca da Onca and Estancia Mimosa
  • Try to Stand up Paddleboarding
  • Go for a bike ride on the trails
Crystal clear waters of the Rio da Prata in Bonito, Brazil, teeming with vibrant fish and aquatic plants.
Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Rio da Prata in Bonito, Brazil, for an unforgettable encounter with diverse aquatic life.

When to visit Bonito Brazil?

To enjoy the mystical and magical environment, the amazing blue water, the best time to visit is between the months of April to September. With moderate temperature and low humidity, the experience during this period is just bliss.

With the amazing beauty of the water and the mystical green forest, the land is sheer paradise. The hidden gem which untouched and unadulterated is really one of the best places to pay your visit. With so much to love and explore, Bonito is flabbergasting. So to get butterflies in your stomach when you see beautiful Bonito, Brazil, why not plan a trip today!

Tourists enjoying a tranquil boat ride on the serene waters of Bonito’s rivers, surrounded by untouched nature.
Embark on a peaceful boat ride along Bonito’s rivers, a serene way to explore Brazil’s natural beauty.

Where to stay when visiting Bonito in Brazil?

With the alluring nature and the soothing water, this place is a mystical paradise. Visiting Brazil, Bonito is a magical experience. With the flabbergasting stay arrangements and the awesome environment, the times spent here turns magical.

The best places to stay here are:

Pousada Boyra: On the margins of Formoso River, this luxurious hotel is just classy with the outdoor pool, garden, terrace, and bar.

Bonito Ecotel: Just 8 km from Natural Aquarium, Bonito Ecotel offers the best in stay facilities and that in the budget.

CLH Suites Bonito: Offering both an adult and a children’s outdoor pool, CLH Suites Bonito is located at a distance of 100 m from Bonito’s central square and offers the best in class services.

Hotel Da Praca: The budget-friendly hotel with all the basic facilities is ready to amaze you with a pool and hot tub on the rooftop.

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