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DUMBO – Brooklyn’s version of an artsy hotspot exposed

Historic architecture of converted warehouses in DUMBO, blending old and new

DUMBO Brooklyn truly justifies the name it stands for. The “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass” was once an industrial location. It is now perfectly transformed into an artsy hotspot with beautiful art, amazing cafes, high-end shopping areas, boutiques, and some classy art galleries to explore. The DUMBO around Brooklyn Bridge is a home for the newbie and entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and explore new business opportunities.

The DUMBO Brooklyn is a dreamland for novice minds and techies to be creative and explorative.

Let us get into the creative land and explore the fantastic business minds of DUMBO Brooklyn.

What to do in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a place that needs no introduction. With beauty and surprising things to do this place is fun.

Chic cafes and boutiques lining the streets in DUMBO, reflecting the area's trendy vibe
Explore the trendy cafes and boutiques during your visit to DUMBO, Manhattan New York – a blend of modern chic and historic charm.

Apart from visiting the workshop of the creative mind, there are lots of many things to do in Brooklyn like:

  • Buy a tasty pizza while you explore DUMBO
  • Walkthrough the Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Dive in Retro world at the Transit Museum
  • Shop at Brooklyn Flea
  • Visit Barge to hear Chamber Music
  • Explore the beauty of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

What does DUMBO stand for in Brooklyn?

Stunning view of the Manhattan Bridge from the cobblestone streets of DUMBO, Manhattan New York
Discover the iconic Manhattan Bridge view when you visit DUMBO, Manhattan New York – a photographer’s dream.

The DUMBO Brooklyn is just priceless. With the hope and inspiration that it provides to the youth and energetic souls the place is classy.

The high-end shopping, lip-smacking snacks at cafes, cute art galleries, and the spectacular view of Manhattan from DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge, makes this place even more astonishing. The name justices a lot of the features.

The Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass or DUMBO is a world settled beautifully under the incredible bridge.

What is there to see in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a city packed with some startling things to see. Every corner of the city is beautiful and tells you a story. With so many classy and unique places to explore, Brooklyn is ready to leave you speechless. Some of the awesome things to see at Brooklyn are:

  • DUMBO Bridge
  • Coney Island
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Prospect park
  • Time Out Market
  • Brooklyn Flea
  • Smorgasburg
  • Brooklyn Historical Society
Brooklyn Bridge

Why DUMBO is special?

DUMBO is a place that gives birth to creativity. The old factories turned into lofts, art galleries, and start-up launch pads that make this place even beautiful. The young families, tech dreamers, and creative people walk through the streets in the mornings.

How to reach DUMBO Brooklyn from Manhattan?

To reach this perplexing artsy place, and dreamland for creative people, this place is easily reachable from Manhattan. The astonishing ways to explore DUMBO Brooklyn by reaching here from around the city are:

  • Subway
  • East River Ferry
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Bike Across the Bridge
Historic architecture of converted warehouses in DUMBO, blending old and new
Admire the unique architecture of converted warehouses in DUMBO on your visit to Manhattan New York.

The dreamland for creativity and best place to explore the high-end shopping, and some classy cafes, learn some art and have lip-smacking pizza, DUMBO Brooklyn is just perfect!

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