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Petra in Jordan – Stunning and elongated caves made of pink stones

The ancient Al-Khazneh (The Treasury) in Petra, Jordan, seen through the narrow canyon of Al-Siq

The phenomenal architectural site built by carving in the pink stones that creates an alluring beauty and the stunning art, Petra in Jordan is no less than the heaven of rock-carving. Keep reading this article ahead to dig deep inside the spectacular beauty of this place.

The stunningly long and elongated caves of pink stones cut and carved, polished and decorated, with the beautiful pink-hued sky above the head, the atmosphere turns here to be a dreamland of rocks.

With half-built and half-carved in stones, the mesmerizing beauty of Petra in Jordan will leave you speechless. The jaw-dropping carving on stones creates an alluring effect. With such a beauty of nature and the efforts of humans to make it even more astounding, this article is all you need, to know about the wonderful Jordan Petra.

Aerial view of the Monastery (Ad Deir) in Petra, showcasing its large facade carved into the pink sandstone
Explore the panoramic beauty of Petra in Jordan, an enduring symbol of ancient Nabatean culture.

When and who built Petra in Jordan?

The famous rock-cut architecture and the wonderful pink beauty spread all over, this place is awe-interesting. With every nook and corner carved to its utmost beauty and everything sparkling pink dust in the hued-orange sunshine, the aura created here is alluring.

Built between 400 B.C. and 106 A.D, the Petra Jordan, was the capital of the flourishing and glorious Nabateans Empire. Camels in the doorway of the Petra Jordan treasury and great temple are enough to display the enormity and luxury of the Empire.

How to get to Petra in Jordan?

The stunningly built and carved beauty in stone, the pink fascinating architect of nature and human, the caves of calmness, and the sky of infinity, generates the vibes of positivity that you look for.

The best way to reach this gigantic rose city is:

  • Fly to Queen Alia International Airport just half an hour from Amman
  • Book a card ride of three hours to reach Jordan Petra
Ancient tombs and houses carved into the pink cliffs of Petra, reflecting the Nabatean engineering skills
Unveil the secrets of Petra’s carved tombs and houses, a testament to Jordan’s ancient Nabatean civilization.

Why is Petra Jordan one of the wonders of the world?

The historical beauty and the classic piece of architecture, built by carving the pink stones and the alluring appearance, the Petra Jordan is just stunning.

The emerging attraction of the tourists for the rose-red sandstone rock facades, tombs, and temples became so much more prominent after the Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in 1989.

The most visited tourist attraction, that collected 100 million votes, is one of the wonders of the world now.

Journey through the Siq to Petra – Jordan's majestic entrance to an ancient world
Discover the Monastery, Petra’s hidden gem, perched high in Jordan’s desert landscape.

What to do in Petra?

The illuminating rock-cut marvel and the pink-rosed beauty this ancient place is mind-blowing. The beauty of the sun, when blends with the pink alluring color of rocks, the sparkling aura is formed.

The best things to do at Jordan Petra are:

  • Start Petra Jordan tours from Bab As-Siq
  • Explore Siq – tectonic forces breaking mountain into two pieces
  • Visit the Petra Jordan Treasury and Great Temple
  • Walkthrough the Street of Facades
  • Hike through the Petra complex
  • Visit the Royal tombs
  • Explore The Monastery (Al-Deir)
  • Visit the High Place of Sacrifice
  • Love the Petra at sunset and sunrise
  • Visit Aaron’s tomb
The ancient Al-Khazneh (The Treasury) in Petra, Jordan, seen through the narrow canyon of Al-Siq
Step into history at Al-Khazneh, the breathtaking Treasury of Petra, Jordan’s archaeological masterpiece.

What is the kind of weather Petra observes in Jordan?

With the summer long, warm, and arid; and the winters cold, dry, and clear, the temperature at Petra is soothing. The weather it observes round the year makes the place one of the best for tourism.

The amazingly cut and carved gigantic city of rose pink, the charismatic look, and the alluring sight makes this place just sensational. The beauty of the tomb and the luxury of camels at the door sings the songs of prosperity.

With such charm and the alluring climate, a trip to this pink city must be on your bucket list!

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