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Terracotta Army – Get to know to the eternal Chinese warriors

Close-up of intricately detailed Terracotta soldiers, showcasing the artistry of ancient Chinese sculpture

No chapter in the annals of history is as intriguing as the story of how a few peasants stumbled upon this historical monument in Shaanxi, China. The archeological value of the Terracotta Army is only compounded by the extremely individualized figurines. Do you still have to wonder why this UNESCO World Heritage site is on our radar?

The ancient sculptors demonstrated extreme attention and meticulousness while moulding these figures.

Why was the Terracotta Army built?

Only one thing comes to mind when you think of a series of Chinese warrior statues, right? However, the inspiration behind the Terracotta Army was not to promote warmongering but to celebrate the immensely complex administrational structure in China during Qin Shi Huangdi’s illustrious reign. As a tribute to the innovations of a standardized writing script, measures, and weights discovered during the emperor’s rule, the mausoleum intended to incorporate the Chinese statues as well.

Not only do you find warriors here but also waterfowl, musicians, court officials, and acrobat troupes. The Terracotta Army symbolizes the microcosm of the court that existed at that time in history – his death marked the demise of one of the most Byzantine political systems that the world has ever witnessed.

Panoramic view of the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China, displaying rows of ancient warrior statuesDnDavis/Shutterstock.com
Explore the awe-inspiring Terracotta Army in Xi’an, a magnificent testament to China’s ancient history.

Who built the Terracotta Army

Shih Chi – an ancient Chinese scripture – is the ultimate source for resources on the Terracotta Army. It points out that Qin Shi Huangdi, the ‘First Emperor’ of the Qin state, ordered his best artisans to construct a mausoleum in his honor.

Zhang Han, the Senior General, and Li Si, the Prime Minister of Qin, was assigned the task of overseeing the design and layout aspects of this modern marvel. The intricately designed Chinese statues formed an essential part of the mausoleum’s imperial structure.

Close-up of intricately detailed Terracotta soldiers, showcasing the artistry of ancient Chinese sculpturelapas77/Shutterstock.com
Discover the intricate details of each Terracotta soldier, a masterpiece of ancient Chinese art and craftsmanship.

When was the Terracotta Army constructed?

The history of the Terracotta Army is one that dates back to 2200 years between the period 247 BC to 208 BC.

What is the best time to visit and see the Chinese statues?

The Chinese warriors are available to tourists throughout the year. But if you want to pick a time of the year, we would recommend visiting the museum between September and October or from March to May. This is because the weather is pleasant during these times and will afford a leisurely trip to this magnificent indoor museum.

Bonus: If you wish to avoid crowds, you might want to visit during the lunch hour.

The vast burial site of the Terracotta Army, with hundreds of life-sized statues in battle formationAnton_Ivanov/Shutterstock.com
Witness the grand scale of the Terracotta Army burial site, where hundreds of statues stand guard in ancient China.

Top 3 interesting facts about Terracotta Army

  1. The Chinese statues measure about 1.85 meters in height on an average basis. This is because of ancient war forms required strong, tall soldiers.
  2. The Terracotta Army is grey now due to humidity. Originally, they were originally quite colorful with armor and faces painted with bright green, red, and even purple colors.
  3. The Chinese warriors are only found in three of the four pits that are located at the mausoleum.
Individual Terracotta soldier with unique facial features, representing the diversity of the ancient Chinese armyAnton_Ivanov/Shutterstock.com
Admire the uniqueness of each Terracotta soldier, with distinct facial expressions reflecting the diversity of ancient China’s army.

Where to stay during the visit of the eternal Chinese heroes?

Trust us – you will definitely depart the Terracotta Army with a sense of awe and wonder for the magnificence of human history.

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