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Tian Tan Buddha: The Giant Buddha at Lantau Island in Hong-Kong

The imposing Tian Tan Buddha statue in Hong Kong, seated serenely atop Ngong Ping plateau.

The all might Tian Tan Buddha statute of beauty beneath the infinite sky, and in the middle of the plush of greenery, this place will leave you wandering in the dreams.

The Tian Tan Buddha Statue sitting on the top of a Lotus creates such a view of beauty that is breathtaking. The valuable heritage of mankind blended with the peaceful sky, and the amazing environment creates the perfect peaceful aura.

What to do at the Big Buddha in Hong-Kong?

The Tian tan Buddha Statue is a perfect example of architectural beauty. With the breathtaking view of nature from the top and the clear blue-hued sky above, this place is just charmingly astonishing. The best things to do at the Big Buddha statue in Hong Kong are:

  • Explore the beauty of the statue
  • Discover the 268 steps leading to the statue
  • Praise the Offerings of the Six Devas
  • Explore the charming view from the top
  • Visit the Po Lin Monastery Gate
  • If fortunate, attend the Ordination Ceremony
  • Go for a tour of the Monastery temple
Pilgrims ascending the 268 steps to visit the majestic Tian Tan Buddha, symbolizing the path to enlightenment."
Climb the 268 steps to the Tian Tan Buddha, a journey symbolizing the path to enlightenment in the heart of Hong Kong.

How to get to the Big Buddha in Hong-Kong?

The stunning Tian Tan Statue located on the Lantau Island of Hong Kong is just awe-inspiring. With the breathtaking nature and the scenic beauty, and the clouds floating with musicality, this place will create an aura of peace and will charm your heart.

Best way to get there:

  • Book a ferry to Mui Wo from Central. Take Bus No 2 from the Mui Wo Ferry Pier.
  • Take a ticket of the Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung MTR to the Tian Tan Buddha, which is very enjoyable.

The Tian Tan Buddha hours for visiting and praising the beauty of the statue are between 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

A close-up of the Tian Tan Buddha's face, exuding calmness and wisdom against a backdrop of clear blue skies.
Gaze upon the tranquil face of Tian Tan Buddha, a visage of wisdom set against the clear blue skies of Hong Kong.

Who built the Tian Tan Buddha?

The stunningly charming Tian Tan Buddha Statue is inspired by the Altar of Heaven, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

The startling piece of beauty, peace, and positivity is built in the year 1993 and is a remarkable symbol of the relationship between man and nature.

The symbol of harmony, Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong, perched with all its beauty sits with a smile and peace under the charismatic sky.

What is the Buddha made of?

The Tian Tan Buddha is an astonishing piece of beauty. The aura and the peace one get on reaching here are just speechless.

Made of Bronze the Hong Kong marvel is just classy. The Tian Tan Buddha was crafted intending to create harmony between nature and humans, this place is bliss and a blessing for all travelers.

The clear sky bestowed on this statue and the breeze blowing around it creates an alluring, calming, and soothing environment.

he six Devas offering gifts to the Tian Tan Buddha, representing different aspects of Buddhism.
Contemplate the six Devas offering gifts to the Tian Tan Buddha, each representing an important aspect of Buddhist teachings.

When to visit the Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong?

Visiting the site of peace and harmony between 10 AM to 5:30 PM at any point of the year is stupendous.

With the beauty of the statue blended with perfect nature, the authentic aura of peace creates an extraordinary feeling in the hearts of the visitors.

The early morning of the weekdays and the late chilling sunset scenes are perfect. Summer is the season less preferred due to humidity.

Even better is to pay your visit during the Buddha’s birthday and get mesmerized by the beautifully decorated monastery.

The imposing Tian Tan Buddha statue in Hong Kong, seated serenely atop Ngong Ping plateau.
Ascend to the Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong, a serene colossus overlooking the Ngong Ping plateau.

The sensational and spectacular beauty of the Tian Tan Buddha Statue mixed with nature around creates an aura of peace and calmness.

Every moment spent here is going to leave the picture-perfect image in the hearts of the travelers.

To have eternal peace and experience the charismatic aura, add this heavenly place named Tian Tan Budhha Hong Kong to your bucket list today!

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