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Athabasca Falls – Picturesque and powerful

Aerial view of Athabasca Falls, showcasing its impressive scale and the surrounding landscape.

The Athabasca falls is a picturesque waterfall in the Jasper National Park of Canada. It is known for its loud, powerful, heavy, and forceful downfall all throughout the year.

The waterfall has been able to very well erode the quartzite and limestone rocks around it and carve its own way out in the form of a gorge and many potholes.

The fall is surrounded closely by many lookout platforms, from where tourists can see the powerful waterfall.

How to get to the Athabasca Falls?

You will need to head to the south of the Jasper main town in Alberta. Go down the famous Icefields Parkway. In around 20 minutes, you will reach the bottom of the trail to the falls, from where you will have to hike 1 kilometer up, to witness this powerful fall.

Rainbow forming in the mist of Athabasca Falls on a sunny day.
Catch the magical sight of a rainbow in the mist of Athabasca Falls, a memorable moment in Jasper.

In case you are on a visit to the Banff National Park, you should get from Banff to Jasper National Park by an exhilarating road trip filled with mountain sceneries, forests, and glaciers.

What to do in Jasper National Park?

Get going along the trails and capture views of the falls, the river, and the canyons.
Walk past the constructed concrete bridge and go down to get an idea of the canyons formed due to previous erosions. You will be able to appreciate the power of flowing water.

Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, with powerful water cascading over rugged rocks.
Witness the raw power of Athabasca Falls on your visit to Jasper National Park, a truly majestic sight.

As you walk along the way, you will also be enlightened by the inscribed or written facts and information about the place. There are also many other things to do in the Jasper National Park apart from the Athabasca Falls sightseeing:

  • Get to the banks on the beautiful Maligne Lake, which is the world’s second-largest glacier-fed lake.
  • Experience Jasper’s Sky Tram and get stunning views of the mountain ranges and gorges from above 7,500 feet.
  • Do visit the Maligne Canyon lookout.
  • Go around Lakes Annette and Edith, spend some family time picnicking and hiking the mini trails around.
  • Go for the adventurous Whitewater rafting and get yourself an adrenaline rush by rafting and exploring the deeper and remote terrains of the Jasper National Park.
  • The Glacier Skywalk further adds to your adventurous trip to Jasper National Park.

The trails are well marked with signboards to assist tourists and to keep them out of risk. Nevertheless, you may carry a Jasper National Park map with you, it could come handy.

Close-up of the roaring waters of Athabasca Falls, illustrating the force of nature.
“Feel the might of Athabasca Falls up close, a captivating display of nature’s power in Jasper.

What makes the Athabasca falls a place to definitely stop by?

Who would not love the gushing sound of a huge waterfall and the rainbow above it? The unbelievably great walking trails that surround the falls provide a view of this magnificent Athabasca falls from innumerous angles.

The powerful Athabasca Falls is a stunning presentation by nature itself, in the Jasper National park. Your Canadian Rockies trips just can’t end without stopping by this misty Athabasca Falls.

Aerial view of Athabasca Falls, showcasing its impressive scale and the surrounding landscape.
From above, the grandeur of Athabasca Falls and Jasper’s landscape unfolds in a breathtaking view.

Where to stay around Jasper National Park?

You won’t usually find any trouble when it comes to lodging around the Jasper National park:

  • Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
  • Jasper Downtown Hostel
  • Alpine Village Jasper
  • HI Jasper

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