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Aurora Borealis At Kirkjufell – Experience The Most Unique Light Show To Die For

Vivid green and purple hues of the Northern Lights above the distinct shape of Kirkjufell.

How does it feel to hear about people traveling thousands of miles to enjoy light shows? Well, it surely isn’t just an ordinary light show. It is the Earth’s own night sky light show – the polar lights. Previously thought to be made of spirits and souls, the dancing lights sway from green to red to purple to yellow to blue and almost hypnotize the beholders looking into the starry night. Keep reading to know more about this breathtaking phenomenon and where and when to actually see it.

What is the Aurora Borealis?

Auroras are seen at the poles – North and South poles. Why do they occur? Here is how:

Solar Winds consist of streams of energized particles like electrons and protons that flow from the Sun towards the Earth at incredibly high speeds. When these particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they interact with gaseous atoms in it and produce these magical dancing lights.

"Reflection of the Aurora Borealis in a still water body near Kirkjufell, creating a symmetrical visual.
See the stunning reflection of the Aurora Borealis in the tranquil waters near Kirkjufell, doubling the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

They are seen only around the poles since the appearance of auroras depends upon the manner of interaction between the solar winds and these particles, which in turn depends on the alignment of Earth’s magnetic field at a particular place.

These factors make the poles favorable, and Northern lights (aurora borealis) and Southern lights (aurora australis) are seen.

The color, on the other hand, depends on the interacting element (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) and the altitude of interaction.

The silhouette of Kirkjufell under the starry sky lit by the green glow of the Aurora Borealis.
Marvel at the silhouette of Kirkjufell under a starry sky, illuminated by the ethereal green glow of the Aurora Borealis.

When to see aurora borealis in Iceland?

The aurora borealis attracts innumerable travelers to Iceland every year, but many return empty-handed. Sometimes the lights are less intense, while at other times, it’s the clouds to blame. The best time to visit Iceland and see the aurora borealis is from late August to mid-April, due to darker and intense nights. It’s best to use the Aurora Forecast tool before planning your aurora borealis trip.

The Aurora Borealis illuminating the night sky over Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland.
Witness the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis at Kirkjufell, where the dance of lights creates a magical spectacle in the Icelandic sky.

Aurora Borealis at the Kirkjufell in Iceland

Kirkjufell is the most visited and photographed mountain in Iceland and is situated towards the West. Kirkjufell provides some of the most amazing shots of the dancing lights and is a famous spot for tourists and photographers. Best of all, you get to see some breathtaking night views of the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall and the Kirkjufell Mountain with the northern lights.

Places to stay in Iceland

All set to see the green and purple lights dancing in the starry night sky? Let’s find you some comfortable lodgings to spend your time while you wait for the lights to show up:

Hotel Rangá: No doubt, the best place to stay if you came to Iceland, specifically for the aurora borealis shots.

Reykjavik Domes: Offers luxurious tents with gardens so that you get to visualize the soulful lights right at your doorstep.

Hotel Kjarnalundur: For those romantic honeymooners to enjoy the lights while relaxing in an outdoor Jacuzzi!

Vivid green and purple hues of the Northern Lights above the distinct shape of Kirkjufell.
Experience the vibrant colors of the Northern Lights above Kirkjufell, an unforgettable natural display in Iceland.

The jaw-dropping phenomenon Aurora Borealis has no doubt fascinated mankind since forever. How skilfully the dancing lights manage to make a mark in the bucket list of travelers worldwide!

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