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Bastei Bridge – See These Famous Rock Formations

Aerial view of Bastei Bridge amidst the rugged terrain, inviting visitors to explore its majestic beauty

Bastei Bridge – or Bastei, is the term given to the tall and sturdy rock formations that you find in the Saxon Switzerland National Park area.

The place is called Saxon Switzerland though it is not actually Switzerland. It is the far south-eastern part of Germany at the border of the Czech Republic.

Right there is a magnificent bridge built amidst these famous rock formations, known as the Bastei Bridge of Germany.

How old is the Bastei Bridge?

It was built in the 1800s! The bridge was actually a wooden one which was re-constructed in 1851 using sandstone, keeping in mind the increasing number of visitors. So you see, it is a pretty 170 years old! But hey, you can still walk through above it.

Sunset over Bastei Bridge, showcasing its silhouette against a vibrant sky
Witness a spectacular sunset at Bastei Bridge – an unforgettable sight for every visitor.

It is very sturdy even now and completely merges with the rocks as if it was a carving of the rocks itself. The most unbelievable part about this attraction is that it is not as commercialized as other tourist spots. So no charges, no fences, no entry or exit time!

How to get to Bastei from Dresden?

Are you a traveler looking for the best route from Saxony, Germany to Bastei? Regional interconnecting trains to the rescue! After you have explored the castles and palaces of Saxony Germany, take a train from Dresden to Kurort Rathen Station. After that, get into a ferry and ride across the Elbe, and there you are.

Springtime at Bastei Bridge with blooming wildflowers enhancing its natural beauty
Experience the vibrant colors of spring on your visit to Bastei Bridge, surrounded by blooming wildflowers.

How to get to Bastei Bridge?

After you have crossed the Elbe, all you got to do is to hike up to the Bastei Bridge. As you go up to the bridge, you get to see some breath-taking views.

What you got to see?

You will see those famous rock formations all around. They were carved out over millions of years due to erosion by water and are around 200 meters high. As you go even higher, you will be able to see below several miles away in all directions.

In this panoramic view, you find castles here and there like the Koenigstein Fortress, the Elbe River, valleys, and some more rock formations.

After you cross the bridge, you enter the rock castle. It won’t definitely look like one, but there used to be a properly constructed castle built out of those same rock formations, where people actually lived. It was built around the same time as the bridge.

"Bird's-eye view of Bastei Bridge surrounded by the lush Saxon Switzerland National Park
From above, visit Bastei Bridge and witness its harmony with the lush landscapes of Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Where to stay at Bastei?

In case you were looking for places to lodge in at Saxon Switzerland, we have you sorted. There are plenty of options to choose from. Below are a couple of hotels near the Bastei bridge:

  • Amselgrundschloesschen – Nearest one to the bridge.
  • Parkhotel Bad Schandau
  • Aparthotel Steiger Bad Schandau – The most visited 4 star hotel
  • Hotel Elbresidenz an der Therme
  • Hotel Elbparadies
Aerial view of Bastei Bridge amidst the rugged terrain, inviting visitors to explore its majestic beauty
Explore the heights of nature – Visit Bastei Bridge and experience its breathtaking aerial views.

Lastly, a piece of advice!

Make sure you come to this spot very early in the morning, maybe around 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. so that you are able to see these picturesque spots without having to push through the crowd.

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