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Visit Germany – Things to See and Do

Römerberg in Frankfurt's Altstadt, a historic square with half-timbered houses and the Römer town hall.

Germany is a country that boasts a heritage, a fascinating history and stunning natural landscapes. From the cities of Berlin and Munich, to the towns nestled in the Bavarian Alps there are countless reasons why Germany is worth exploring. In this guide we will provide you with all the information to ensure you have a well prepared and enjoyable trip to Germany. We’ll cover everything from must visit attractions and activities to expected expenses, budgeting advice, money saving tips, transportation options, ideal times to visit and safety considerations.

Things to See and Do When Visit Germany

Germany is home to a wide variety of attractions, from historic landmarks and world-class museums to Germany offers an array of captivating attractions that cater to interests. These include landmarks, renowned museums displaying world class exhibitions breathtaking natural wonders and picturesque hiking trails. Here are some highly recommended must see attractions, in Germany:

Travel to Germany and Discover the Berlin Brandenburg Gate

When you step foot in Berlin you can’t. Be enchanted by the captivating charm of the Brandenburg Gate. This magnificent structure, dating back, to the century holds more than historical significance. It represents Germanys rich past and ever evolving narrative.

Strategically located in the heart of Berlin the Brandenburg Gate has witnessed the passage of time from processions to global events. Each stone and sculpture carries a tale making it a must see attraction, for both history buffs and adventurous travelers. Immerse yourself in the essence of Germany as you explore this gate and allow its timeless grace to capture your imagination.

Berlin Brandenburg Gate at sunset, Berlin, Germany.
Experience the iconic Berlin Brandenburg Gate against the backdrop of a stunning sunset in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany.

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Explore Germany’s History: Visit the Berlin Wall

When you’re visiting Germany it’s a must to make time for a visit, to the Berlin Wall. It represents the Cold War. Is a stop for those curious about Germanys history. Take a stroll along the East Side Gallery, where you can see preserved portions of the wall adorned with captivating murals and graffiti.

Our travel blog will serve as your companion in exploring this landmark providing insights, helpful tips and recommendations, on the best spots to capture unforgettable photos.

View of the East Side Gallery, the world's largest outdoor art gallery situated on a segment of the historical Berlin Wall, as seen on May 29, 2010, in Berlin, Germany.gary718 / Shutterstock.com
The East Side Gallery – the largest outdoor art gallery in the world on a segment of the Berlin Wall

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Explore Neuschwanstein Castle

Located on the Bavarian Alps, this 19th century masterpiece is not just an ordinary castle. It’s, like stepping into a real life fairy tale with its captivating charm and rich history.

Neuschwanstein Castle has captured the hearts of travelers. Even served as inspiration, for Disneys iconic Cinderella Castle. Prepare to be mesmerized by this destination, nestled in an alpine landscape.

Neuschwanstein Castle perched atop a lush hill, with the Bavarian Alps in the background.
Experience the fairy-tale grandeur of Neuschwanstein Castle, nestled in the Bavarian Alps.

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Dive into the magic of the Black Forest

Nestled in the part of Germany there is an expanse of thick forests enchanting towns and captivating secrets. The Black Forest is renowned for its views. Offers a network of hiking trails that wind through ancient trees and lead to picturesque clearings.

While exploring this region be sure to take a moment in one of the towns and treat yourself to a slice of their famous dessert, the irresistible Black Forest Cake. It’s more, than a place; it’s an encounter that delights every sense.

Half-timbered houses in Gengenbach, Black Forest, Germany.
Explore the charm of Gengenbach, Germany, with its picturesque half-timbered houses nestled in the Black Forest.

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Embrace the thrill of the Bavarian Alps

Nestled amidst the landscape the Bavarian Alps offer a dreamy escape, for those seeking thrilling alpine experiences. With slopes ranging from inclines for beginners to more challenging terrains to test the pros there’s a ski trail suited for everyone.

As you glide through the powdery snow breathe, in the invigorating mountain air. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking panoramic vistas. It’s no wonder that this region has earned its reputation as one of Europes skiing destinations. So gear up put on your skis and let yourself be enchanted by the allure of Bavaria!

Skiing at Feldberg, Black Forest, Germany.
Enjoy thrilling skiing adventures in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany at Feldberg.

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Embark on a journey to Heidelberg

This enchanting city, tucked along the banks of the Neckar River is a blend of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, ancient bridges and meandering cobblestone streets. Heidelberg, home, to mesmerizing ruins and Germanys oldest university combines an intellectual heritage with an enduring charm.

While strolling through its passageways immerse yourself in the citys ambiance and relish moments spent admiring the river. It won’t take long to grasp why poets and artists have been captivated by its allure for generations. Embark on a journey into the heart of Germany, by exploring the wonders of Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Neckar river and skyline, aerial view from above.
Experience Heidelberg’s scenic skyline and old town from the aerial perspective, including the Neckar river and bridge in Germany.

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Visit the famous Christmas markets in Germany

Experience the enchantment of Germanys Christmas markets! Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland as delicate snowflakes dance through the air and twinkling lights create an ambiance, in each market square. Explore stalls adorned with handcrafted ornaments, wooden toys and exquisitely designed trinkets.

Allow the aroma of chestnuts and warm mulled wine to beckon you as you savor the traditional delicacies on offer. Take a moment to join in with the locals basking in the melodies and lively entertainment that fill the air. A journey to Germany, during this season guarantees not souvenirs but treasured memories of an extraordinary Christmas celebration.

Dresden Christmas Market, Germany. Illuminated stalls, squares, and festive atmosphere in the central square.
Experience the magic of Dresden at Christmas: a breathtaking view of the renowned European Christmas market, illuminated stalls, and festive ambiance.

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Take a cruise on the romantic Rhine River

Set sail on the enchanting Rhine River, a ribbon of romance that weaves through the heart of Germany. As you glide on the waters you’ll be mesmerized by the breathtaking views of the German countryside unfolding on either side; vineyards cascading down terraces fields basking in sunlight and ancient forests standing tall.

Yet it’s not natures beauty that beckons; along the rivers meandering path lie towns with their charming cobblestone streets echoing stories of bygone eras. Majestic castles perch atop hills like guardians of history. A voyage along the Rhine is more than a trip; it’s a dance, between tranquility and civilization. Allow yourself to be captivated by the enchantment that flows through every moment on this journey.

Cruise ship by Schloss Ehrenfels in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. UNESCO World Heritage in Germany.
Experience the UNESCO World Heritage site in Germany: a cruise ship passing Schloss Ehrenfels in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

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Visit the historic city of Hamburg

Explore the heartbeat of Hamburg, the largest city, in Germany, where the blend of historic allure and modern vitality creates an enchanting atmosphere. Stroll along its streets. You’ll be captivated by a fusion of architectural marvels ranging from majestic old warehouses to contemporary wonders.

As the sun dips below the horizon Hamburgs vibrant nightlife comes alive offering a range of options from taverns to energetic clubs.. For those enchanted by marvels you can’t miss Miniatur Wunderland – a remarkable display of craftsmanship and attention to detail as it holds the title, for being the worlds largest model railway exhibit. Hamburg is not a place to visit; it’s an experience waiting to be discovered.

Hamburg city with a harbor on the river and rich historical heritage, best photo you can get when visit Hamburg
Explore Hamburg, a city with a historic harbor along the river, steeped in a rich tapestry of history.

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Take a trip to the picturesque town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

In the village of Rothenburg, ob der Tauber you can travel back in time to experience the enchanting era that has been preserved from the ravages of war. Nestled in the heartland of Germany its cobblestone streets reverberate with tales from centuries gone by.

Here charming timbered houses stand side by side each one telling its story of history. As you leisurely stroll along the majestic city walls serve as a testament to Rothenburgs enduring spirit and allure. Whether you have a passion for history or simply seek timeless beauty this town guarantees a journey unlike any other. Rothenburg is more than a destination; it’s an experience, into another world.

"The iconic Plönlein corner in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, with its timbered buildings and narrow streets.
Discover the iconic Plönlein in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a postcard-perfect snapshot of traditional German architecture.

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Unique places to visit

From the cities, to the countryside Germany offers a variety of experiences for those who seek adventure.

Imagine strolling through towns admiring architectural wonders and exploring tranquil paths that showcase Europes natural beauty.

However Germany also boasts some hidden treasures. Places that’re truly one of a kind. Are you ready to explore ? Here is a handpicked selection of destinations waiting to be discovered in the heart of Europe.

Explore the beauty of the Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park, an awe inspiring UNESCO World Heritage site that stretches along the coastlines of Lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein is a marine ecosystem. It serves as a haven, for birds that create a mesmerizing spectacle in the sky with their patterns while seals gracefully relax on its tidal flats.

Beneath its expanse the Wadden Sea teems with life and undergoes captivating transformations. However it’s not merely an attraction to be admired from a distance; visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in its magnificence.

Whether you choose to glide across its waters by boat explore its landscapes on foot or cycle along its perimeter guided tours ensure a close and personal encounter, with this natural wonder. Take the plunge. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the charm of the Wadden Sea!

Impressive view from the dike foreland near Büsum, Westerdeichstrich, North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, wooden grottos on the North Sea beach, sunset over the Wadden Sea, mudflat.
Captivating the Wadden Sea near Büsum, Westerdeichstrich, North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, with wooden grottos on the North Sea beach and a vast mudflat expanse.

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The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex

Explore the captivating essence of Essens legacy, at the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex. Rising proudly in North Rhine Westphalia this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site stands as a testament to an era when coal reigned supreme.

But it’s more than a relic, from history; the Zollverein complex embodies the tenacity, ingenuity and aspirations of a region that once powered Europes prowess.. Beyond its awe inspiring presence it offers a journey through time.

Accompanied by guides visitors are invited to venture into the passageways of the coal mine uncovering captivating narratives about its illustrious past and the dedicated individuals who worked tirelessly here. Step into Zollverein. Unravel the stories etched within its steel and stone.

Zollverein Coal Mine Complex exterior view with winding tower, Essen, Germany.
Experience Zollverein Coal Mine Complex in Essen, Germany, with its iconic winding tower, captured from the outside

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Discover the captivating Bastei Bridge

Perched high amidst the terrain, near Dresden this stunning sandstone marvel isn’t an ordinary bridge. It serves as a gateway, to the awe inspiring beauty of nature. Carved by the passage of time and the forces of nature the Bastei Bridge elegantly spans across the landscape offering views of the valleys, cliffs and forests below. However its allure doesn’t end with vistas; it invites adventurers to explore its trails.

Whether you choose to follow in the footsteps of explorers or forge your path this region promises an enchanting array of natural wonders. So put on your hiking boots. Let Saxon Switzerlands iconic bridge guide you into natures loving embrace.

Aerial view of Bastei Bridge amidst the rugged terrain, inviting visitors to explore its majestic beauty
Explore the heights of nature – Visit Bastei Bridge and experience its breathtaking aerial views.

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The Würzburg Residence

Step into a world of luxury and magnificence, at the Würzburg Residence. Located in the heart of Würzburg, Bavaria this 18th century palace is more than a building; it represents the pinnacle of Baroque artistry.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, its intricate exteriors, expansive gardens and decorated interiors have rightfully earned it a place among Europes gems. However beyond its captivating beauty the palace carries with it stories of its history.

Embark, on guided tours that unveil tales of royalty, extravagant festivities and the skilled craftsmen who envisioned and constructed this masterpiece. Within the halls of the Würzburg Residence, history and art intertwine seamlessly inviting visitors to meander through its corridors and witness its wonders firsthand.

Admire the Würzburg Residence's front facade, framed by a beautiful garden.
Admire the Würzburg Residence’s front facade, framed by a beautiful garden.

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Experience Earth’s ancient tapestry at the Messel Pit Fossil Site

Discover the captivating Messel Pit Fossil Site, near Darmstadt in Hesse, an UNESCO World Heritage site that grants us a glimpse into the past. Within its layers you’ll find preserved fossils of creatures and ancient plants unveiling the mysteries of a long lost world.

The Messel Pit isn’t a haven for paleontologists; it’s a portal for anyone seeking awe inspiring experiences. Accompanied by guides immerse yourself in the narratives of this land and meet its long gone inhabitants from millions of years ago. Step softly on this ground and lend an ear for, within the tranquil silence the fossils whisper their stories to listeners.

Large fossil from Messel Pit Fossil Site.
Explore a significant fossil discovery at the Messel Pit Fossil Site, near Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

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Explore the Unique Ecosystem of Wadden Sea Islands

Discover the enchanting ecosystem of the Wadden Sea Islands, nestled amidst the expanse of the sea. These islands serve as protectors of an delicate environment. The rolling sand dunes, pristine beaches and tidal flats create havens of beauty. However it’s not the landscapes that capture attention; it’s also the abundance of life they embrace.

With each ebb and flow of the tide these islands become a sanctuary, for migratory birds adorning the sky with their graceful patterns. Meanwhile playful seals can be seen basking along the shores. Whether you choose to explore these islands on foot cycle through their lengths or glide across their waters, in a boat you’ll witness firsthand the captivating beauty woven into this marine tapestry.

Aerial view of Wadden Sea Island, highlighting vast mudflats and water channels during low tide.
From above, gaze upon Wadden Sea Island’s dynamic tapestry: intertwining waterways and mudflats unveiled by the dance of the tides.

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Berlin Wall Memorial: Where the echoes of the past reverberate

Step inside the solemn and contemplative ambiance of the Berlin Wall Memorial situated in the heart of a city that has witnessed some of historys moments. While the remains of the Wall narrate stories, about Germanys division the citys memorials also serve as testimonies to the Jewish individuals in Europe who experienced unimaginable persecution during the Holocaust.

Here history goes beyond words on pages; it is ingrained in the ground and resonates within the quiet gaps between preserved sections of the Wall. Through guided tours visitors are invited to embark on a moving journey retracing the footprints of those lives lost and comprehending their stories profound impact on Berlin and humanity.

This memorial is more, than a location; it serves as a constant reminder of human resilience even amidst humanitys darkest chapters.

Aerial view of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, a vast field of concrete stelae.
From above, witness Berlin’s powerful Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: a vast expanse of stelae reflecting history’s somber lessons.

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Unearth the magic of Lübeck’s Old Town

Walking through the cobblestone streets of Lübeck feels like stepping into a centuries storybook. It’s a place where you can witness the history of merchants, artisans and medieval splendor come to life. Despite the passage of time Lübeck has miraculously remained untouched by the ravages of war serving as a testament, to its enduring charm.

The enchanting timbered houses lean in close as if sharing their secrets with those who pass by. Meanwhile the ancient city walls proudly recount tales of resilience and grandeur from ages past. But Lübeck is more, than a sight to behold; it invites visitors to immerse themselves in its tapestry of experiences. Whether you’re exploring marvels or delving into the towns captivating history there’s a world of discovery waiting for you here.

Classic postcard view of historic Lübeck with the famous Holstentor in summer, Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany.
Explore historic Lübeck in summer: Iconic Holstentor and North German charm in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Travel to Germany’s hidden treasures in the Middle Rhine Valley

Nestled between the regions of Rhineland Palatinate and Hesse this UNESCO World Heritage site showcases a blend of nature and history.

The rugged cliffs and lush vineyards create a backdrop, for the Rhine River while the skyline is adorned with timeless silhouettes of historical castles such as Rheinstein Castle, Marksburg Castle and Burg Rheinfels.

However this valley offers more than admiration. Through boat trips along the river visitors can fully immerse themselves in a landscape, with legends love stories and heroic battles.

Loreley statue and Rhine Valley landscape, view from Lore Ley Rock, Germany.
Marvel at the Loreley statue and the picturesque Rhine Valley from Lore Ley Rock in Germany’s Sankt Goarshausen.

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Step inside the Würzburg Cathedral’s majestic embrace

Built during the century this grand building stands as an example of Baroque architecture, in Germany. Every stone, arch and tower of the cathedral carries stories of dedication, skill and the progression of an era.

Beyond its exteriors and intricate interiors lies a captivating history waiting to be discovered. For those interested in exploring further guided tours provide insight into the cathedrals past, its achievements and its significance, in German heritage.

The crypt of the Würzburg Cathedral on the Romantic Road in Bavaria, Germanymarcobrivio.photography / Shutterstock.com
The crypt of the Würzburg Cathedral on the Romantic Road in Bavaria, Germany.

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These are just a few of the many unique places to visit in Germany that you may be interest in.

Typical Costs

Germany is often regarded as a country that can be quite costly to explore. The expenses associated with lodging, dining and getting around can accumulate rapidly.

However there are strategies to keep your expenses in check and make your journey more budget friendly. When organizing your trip, to Germany it’s important to take into account costs such, as accommodation, meals and transportation.

Expense CategoryBudgetMid-RangeLuxury
Accommodation€50-€70 per night€80-€120 per night€150 per night
FoodStreet- and fast food €15-€25 per meal€50+ per meal
Transportation€2-€4 bus ticket€2-€4 bus ticket€50+ per trip
Suggested Budget€50-€70 per day€80-€120 per day€150+ per day

A reasonable estimate, for a trip to Germany would be €50 to €70 per day for travelers on a budget, €80 to €120 per day for those seeking range options and €150 or more per day for those looking for luxury experiences. This suggested budget should cover expenses, like accommodation, meals and transportation.

However it’s important to note that this is a guideline and your actual expenses may differ based on your individual travel preferences and the duration of your trip.

Money-Saving Tips

While it is true that certain parts of Germany can be expensive, for tourists there are ways to explore the country without breaking the bank.

Here are some comprehensive money saving tips for travelers who plan on visiting Germany:

  1. Plan in Advance:
    Accommodation: Check out platforms like Booking.com, Airbnb, or Hostelworld to compare prices. Sometimes booking a few months ahead can get you substantial discounts.
    Transport: Train tickets are often cheaper when booked well in advance. The Deutsche Bahn website offers Sparpreis (savings) fares that can be a fraction of the price of last-minute tickets.
    Consider a Rail Pass: The German Rail Pass allows unlimited travel throughout Germany, and can be cost-effective if you plan on visiting multiple cities.
  2. Eat Like a Local:
    Breakfast: Many bakeries (‘Bäckereien’) offer affordable breakfast deals with coffee.
    Lunch: Lunch specials (‘Mittagstisch’) in restaurants are often cheaper than evening menus.
    Snack Smart: Grab a ‘Brötchen’ (bread roll) with deli meat or cheese from local bakeries or indulge in street foods like Bratwurst.
  3. Free or Budget Attractions: Enjoy the many beautiful parks and gardens, like Munich’s Englischer Garten or Stuttgart’s Schlossgarten. Check out free walking tours offered in major cities. Visit museums on their free admission days or look into city cards that offer discounted entries.
  4. Stay Connected Affordably: Instead of international roaming, consider buying a local SIM card for mobile data and calls. Not needed, if you are using a SIM from an EU memberstate though.
  5. Drink Tap Water: German tap water is of high quality. Carry a refillable bottle to save on buying drinks.
  6. Shop at Supermarkets and Local Markets: Places like ‘Aldi’, ‘Lidl’, and ‘REWE’ offer quality food at reasonable prices. Local farmers’ markets (‘Wochenmarkt’) also have fresh produce.
  7. Traditional Accommodations: Consider staying in a ‘Gasthaus’ or ‘Pension’ for a more affordable, authentic experience.
  8. Explore Smaller Towns: Cities like Berlin and Munich can be pricey. However, smaller towns like Heidelberg, Bamberg, or Tübingen offer rich experiences at a fraction of the cost.
  9. Use City Tourist Cards: Cards like the Berlin WelcomeCard or Munich CityTourCard offer unlimited public transport and discounts on attractions.
  10. Avoid Dining in Main Tourist Hubs: Venturing a few streets away from major attractions can lead you to less expensive and often more authentic eateries.
  11. Learn Basic German Phrases: While it’s not directly about saving money, being able to communicate basic needs or ask questions can enhance your experience and occasionally lead to local deals or recommendations.

By adhering to these suggestions you can economize while exploring Germany and ensure that your trip remains within a budget. Keep in mind the importance of advance planning being conscious of expenses and seizing any discounted offers or special promotions that come your way.

When to Go

Germany is a place to visit at any time of the year depending on what you’re interested, in and what you want to experience during your trip.

The ideal time to explore Germany varies depending on your preferences and the kind of vacation you are seeking.

SeasonWeatherActivitiesCrowds & Accommodation
(June – August)
Warm and sunnyOutdoor activities (hiking, biking, swimming), festivals (Oktoberfest)Crowded in popular destinations, high accommodation prices
(September – November)
Mild and comfortableFall foliage, wine tasting, hiking, sightseeingSmaller crowds, lower accommodation prices
(December – February)
Cold, reliable snowfallSkiing, snowboarding, Christmas marketsSome closures, limited hours, cold weather
(March – May)
Mild and comfortableBlooming flowers, hiking, biking, sightseeingSmaller crowds, lower accommodation prices

In summary the ideal moment to travel to Germany relies on your preferences and the kind of trip you desire. Summer offers opportunities, for pursuits and festivals while Autumn showcases stunning foliage. Winter caters, to skiing enthusiasts and Christmas markets while spring presents breathtaking blossoming flowers.

Remember that weather conditions can be unpredictable and crowd sizes as prices may fluctuate depending on the season.

How to Get Around

Germany is quite convenient to navigate due, to its transportation system. Whether you prefer traveling by train, bus, car or bicycle there are choices to explore the country and get around.

Mode of TransportationDescription
Train– Efficient and reliable
– Operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB)
– Connects major cities and towns
– Comfortable with modern amenities
– Various ticket types available
– Consider BahnCard for discounts
Bus– Good for smaller towns and rural areas
– Mainly operated by FlixBus
– Generally more budget-friendly than trains
– Journeys may take longer
Car– Provides freedom to explore at your own pace
– Extensive and well-maintained road network
– Generally considered safe for driving
– Strictly enforced speed limits
– Rental costs vary based on multiple factors
Bike– Great for eco-friendly exploration
– Well-maintained bike paths
– Cycling culture in many cities
– Bike-sharing programs available in some areas
– Rentals from local shops for shorter distances

Make sure to plan and allocate your budget wisely as transportation expenses can differ based on the mode of travel you choose and the distance you’ll be covering.

Germanys connected infrastructure guarantees a journey through this fascinating country.

Distance Matrix – Major Cities

354 / 220576 / 357518 / 322174 / 108714 / 444616 / 383
354 / 220316 / 196586 / 364244 / 152626 / 389538 / 334
576 / 357316 / 196270 / 168470 / 292442 / 275195 / 121
518 / 322586 / 364270 / 168296 / 184468 / 291325 / 202
174 / 108244 / 152470 / 292296 / 184622 / 386534 / 332
714 / 444626 / 389442 / 275468 / 291622 / 386190 / 118
616 / 383538 / 334195 / 121325 / 202534 / 332190 / 118

How to Stay Safe

Germany is commonly regarded as a destination, for travelers. However it’s always wise to remain vigilant and take precautions to ensure your safety.

Here are a few recommendations, on how to maintain your well being while exploring Germany:

  • Be aware of your belongings: Pickpocketing and theft can be a problem in crowded tourist areas, so be sure to keep your valuables close and be mindful of your surroundings.
  • Be cautious when using ATMs: Be aware of your surroundings and be sure to use ATMs that are located in well-lit, populated areas. Avoid using ATMs that are located in isolated or poorly lit areas.
  • Use caution when traveling on public transportation: Be aware of your surroundings and be sure to keep your valuables close. Avoid using public transportation late at night, and be aware of potential pickpocketing or theft.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings, especially when walking or traveling alone in unfamiliar areas. Avoid dark or isolated areas, and be sure to have a plan in case of an emergency.
  • Be aware of local laws and customs: Germany has strict laws and customs, and it’s important to be aware of them to avoid any legal issues. Be aware of local laws regarding drugs, alcohol, and public behavior, and be respectful of local customs and traditions.
  • Be prepared for emergencies: Have a plan in case of an emergency, and be sure to have important phone numbers and contact information on hand.
  • Be aware of terrorism risks: As in any country, be aware of the current situation and take precautions, be vigilant and be informed.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary valuables: Always carry a copy of your passport and other important documents, and leave unnecessary valuables at home.
  • Be mindful of driving laws: Be aware of local driving laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues. Remember that it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol in Germany.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your trip to Germany is safe and enjoyable. Remember to always stay alert and use common sense to keep yourself and your belongings safe.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prettiest part of Germany?

The concept of “prettiest” is subjective and can vary from person to person. However, contenders for the “prettiest” parts of Germany are the Bavarian Alps, Black Forest (Schwarzwald), Heidelberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, The Rhine Valley, Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland, and Berchtesgaden National Park, to name a few.

Can US citizens visit Germany?

US citizens with a valid passport can enter Germany without visa for up to 90 days. This applies to the whole EU/EEA area.

What should I know when ordering in a German Restaurant?

In major cities it is not a problem to order and to get the menue in English. Note, that the concept of refill or free water basically is non-existent in Germany, therefore keep in mind that you may have to pay for every beverage you order. When it comes to tipping, 10% is common and appropriate when you were happy with the service.

Other Things to do in Germany

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