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Colmar – The great city of the museums

Colorful half-timbered houses lining the canals of Colmar, reflecting in the water.

Colmar is located at the Grand Est region of Northeastern France and close to the German border. The city is usually referred to as the “capital of Alsatian wine” because it is situated along the Alsatian Wine Route.

The city is famous for its numerous architectural landmarks, well-preserved old town, and museums, which include the Unterlinden Museum – the prestigious museum.

Colmar is very quiet and has a reputation of being a firmly-secured pretty town, where it’s very safe and extremely pleasant for visitors to walk around. More so, the town has an amazing collection of high-quality restaurants and shops that sell quality local products.

What language is spoken in Colmar, France?

Being an old Alsatian town, natives of Colmar speak their language called Alsatian (Alsatian German). However, you will still hear some people speak French and standard German – due to tourists from neighboring countries.

Stroll along the canals and admire the vibrant, half-timbered houses on your visit to Colmar.
Don’t miss the enchanting ‘Little Venice’ in Colmar, a picturesque canal district.

What are the top attractions to visit in Colmar?

The city has so many activities that it will be impossible to enjoy them all in one day. Here are some of the top attractions in Colmar:

Walk around the old town

Have a boat ride through the lovely canals, while enjoying little bridges and romantic, charming streets. While walking through the streets you will enjoy the half-timbered, century-old building with elegant French finishes that you will remind you of a movie set.

Visit the Little Venice

Like the other places of Colmar, Little Venice is from the year 1400 and has seen wars and invasions without being damaged. According to legends, old merchants resided here including tanners, fishmongers, and butchers.

Outdoor café in Colmar's old town, offering a perfect spot for people watching and relaxation.Aeypix/Shutterstock.com
Enjoy a leisurely coffee at an outdoor café in Colmar’s picturesque old town.

Saint Martin’s Church

Also popular as the Eglise St Martin, this wonderful Catholic Church is an awesome attraction in the city. The building has hundreds of years of history.

Pfister House

This great building is about 500 years old and has many of the Colmar’s history both in and outside of its walls. There are drawings of biblical scriptures and German emperors portraits.

Tourist Trains

You will find two tourist trains in Colmar, the white and the Green train. They both provide a scenic ride and live commentary in various international languages. This is surely an informational and fun way to explore Colmar.

Floral displays adorning the bridges over Colmar's canals, adding to the town's charm
Witness the stunning floral displays on Colmar’s bridges, adding color to every view.

How to get to Colmar?

Colmar is currently in central Alsace in France and not in Germany. However, it shares its border with Germany and Switzerland.

Colmar is located in-between Basel and Strasbourg and both cities have a direct train connection between them. So you can get a train from either side to Colmar.

Note: There is no storage space for baggage in the train station or at Colmar.

Colorful half-timbered houses lining the canals of Colmar, reflecting in the water.
Stroll along the canals and admire the vibrant, half-timbered houses on your visit to Colmar.

Where to stay in Colmar?

There are a few hotels you can stay in when you visit Colmar. Some of the spectacular hotels to book are:

  • B&B Colmar Expo
  • B&B Colmar Vignobles
  • Hotel – Restaurant Le Grand Hôtel
  • Hôtel & Spa Husseren Collections
  • Hôtel Restaurant Spa Au Soleil

Everything about Colmar is beautiful, from the cobblestone streets, colorful buildings to the delicious meals in the many restaurants, and many more! Book your trip today.

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