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Okavango Delta – See the gorgeous Inland Delta of Botswana

Elephants bathing in the clear waters of the Okavango Delta, exemplifying the region's rich wildlife

When UNESCO qualified Okavango Delta as the 1000th World Heritage site, the world truly took notice. This prominent wildlife location was catapulted to overnight popularity in 2014. In northern Botswana, this delta originates out of the Okavango River and spans over 15.000 square kilometers of the Kalahari Desert.

Okavango Delta, Botswana has slowly but steadily climbed the charts to be the location of African lodges and camps due to the adventure activities that it offers.

Where is the Okavango Delta to find on a map?

This Delta is naturally formed in the area of Botswana where the Okavango African river creates a tectonic trough in Kalahari’s endorheic basin. It is believed that the Delta constitutes a part of what used to be Lake Makgadikgadi, a lake from which all water had evaporated in the early Holocene era.

Aerial view of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, showcasing its vast, intricate network of waterways and lush greenery
Explore the breathtaking aerial perspective of the Okavango Delta, a gem of Botswana’s natural landscape.

What is so unique about Okavango Delta?

Okavango Delta is one of the few inland deltas on Earth. It is exceptionally unique because the Okavango River discharges water to open land, unlike other deltas that empty into an ocean.

This African river floods the savanna with 11 * 1013 liters of water on average, thereby creating an inland delta that is always changing. Seasonal flooding, therefore, is often witnessed from March to June.

Consequently, small islands are formed and the Chief’s Island becomes more prominently visible. This African delta has single-handedly made Botswana water safaris a reality. It is also known for the diverse wildlife, including 530 bird species, giraffes, elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, leopards, crocodiles, zebras, and antelopes.

"Local guide leading a walking safari in the Okavango Delta, offering an up-close experience with nature
Join a guided walking safari in the Okavango Delta for an unforgettable encounter with Botswana’s wilderness.

How to get to Okavango Delta?

You can reach the Okavango Delta in Botswana by opting for flight service. There are airstrips located just a few minutes away from the Kasane and Maun airports. These flights are often included with tours that also incorporate overnight stay in a hotel. You can also opt for inter-camp air transfer or charter flights. Most of these flights cover the entire journey within one hour at a maximum.

Elephants bathing in the clear waters of the Okavango Delta, exemplifying the region's rich wildlife
Witness the majestic elephants enjoying the pristine waters of the Okavango Delta, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

What is the best time to visit Okavango Delta?

Okavango Delta allures tourists with its diverse attractions throughout the year. However, the best time to visit this delta in Botswana is during the dry season, that is, from June to September. This is because you will be able to spot wildlife easily while you are on a Botswana safari due to the lesser vegetation. Furthermore, the mosquito population retreats during this time, thereby paving the path for bright and clear skies.

Sunset over the Okavango Delta, with the sky painted in vibrant hues, reflecting in the water
Experience the stunning sunsets of the Okavango Delta, where the sky meets the water in a spectacular display.

Where to stay in Okavango Delta?

We recommend the following hotels and lodges for accommodation when visiting Okavango:

  • Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa
  • Okavango Hidden Gems
  • Jumbo Junction Camp
  • Maun Lodge
  • Laha Hotel.

You might want to avoid visiting Okavango Delta Botswana during the months of January and February, which comprise the wet season peak.

Botswana is oriented toward protecting the thriving ecosystem of the Okavango Delta to ensure its relevance in the future. Even the walking, riding and photographic safaris are uniquely crafted for the tourists’ pleasure.

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