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Devetashka Cave – See the stunning underworld of Bulgaria

Entrance to the magnificent Devetashka Cave in Bulgaria, showcasing its vast opening and lush surroundings

Devetashka Cave in Bulgaria comprises relics from Hollywood movies and the Cold War era. The story goes that it once was the residential spot for many tribes in the Neolithic and late Paleolithic period.

Located approximately 18 kilometers to the northeast section of Lovech, Devetashka Cave boasts of a ceiling that is 2442 meters high with a breadth of 60 meters.

This cave is regarded with high esteem by locals, who consider it a landmark of immense international potential, and by travelers who rightly believe it to be a cultural monument.

The Unique Beauty of Devetashka Cave in Bulgaria

This cave is one of those places that make you feel as if you have entered a magical world. The surreal combination of greenery, large gaps in the cave’s ceiling, and a wide variety of bats and insects make it a unique tourist destination. Unlike other caves where you only find stillness, Devetashka is always brimming with the sound of swallows chirping and bats flapping their wings.

Stunning view from inside Devetashka Cave looking out to the bright outside world, a contrast of light and shadow
Marvel at the stunning views from inside Devetashka Cave, a dramatic play of light and shadow in Bulgaria.

There is an assortment of rock specimens available here, which include stalactites, stalagmites, and speleothems. The numerous naturally formed domes and rivulets only add to the charm of this ancient cave structure.

The entire cave is bathed in natural light that allows you to behold the natural beauty that surrounds you. You will want to keep visiting it again and again.

The Devetashka Cave's unique skylight openings, allowing sunlight to illuminate the cave's interior
Witness the breathtaking natural skylights of Devetashka Cave, where sunlight dances through the caverns.

How to get to Devetashka Cave?

Reaching Devetashka is quite easy if you are approaching it from Devetaki village, which is just two kilometers away. You can hike to the cave by following the path beside the village river.

Those who wish to opt for a more relaxing journey might ride a car on Road 301. You will have to cover a short distance on a concrete bridge and a dirt road and you will soon reach Devetashka Cave.

What is the entrance fee for Devetashka Cave?

The entrance fee for the cave is quite reasonable considering its astounding beauty.  to gain access to this beatific cave Students and adults are charged 2 and 3 leva – something between 1 and 2 USD.

Interior of Devetashka Cave with its large caverns and distinctive skylights, creating a mystical atmosphere
Discover the mystical interior of Devetashka Cave, famed for its expansive caverns and natural skylights in Bulgaria

What can you do on Devetashka Cave?

Devetashka Cave offers diverse attractions to tourists, including waterfall sightseeing, information gathering about the bats that inhabit the cave, photography, and exploring the historical points of interest.

Nowhere you do see as much multi-faceted beauty as you do in Bulgaria. While the scenic landscapes, pristine coastlines, and mountains are astoundingly beautiful, Devetashka Cave stands a class apart.

What is the best time to visit Devetashka Cave?

The best time to visit this magic Cave is during autumn, as the weather is neither too cold nor too hot during this time. Moreover, seasonal changes can be witnessed quite clearly.

Entrance to the magnificent Devetashka Cave in Bulgaria, showcasing its vast opening and lush surroundings
Explore the grand entrance of Devetashka Cave, a natural wonder and a gateway to Bulgaria’s subterranean beauty

Where to stay nearby of Devetashka Cave?

Some of the amazing accommodations that you can try out while visiting are:

  • Guest House Ongal
  • Guest House Bigora
  • The White House
  • Krai Potoka
  • Hotel & Relax Zone Cattleya

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