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Easter Island – Exposition of hidden treasures amidst the Pacific

Close-up of the intricate carvings on a moai statue on Easter Island, reflecting the skill of the ancient Rapa Nui people

Searching for a unique travel destination for your next trip? Your search ends here. Rapa Nui National Park & Easter Island are located in the Pacific Ocean, approximately two thousand miles away from South America. Rapa Nui National Park comprises approximately 42 percent of Easter Island.

This destination is a part of the Polynesian triangle along with New Zealand and Hawaii. The 900 monumental sculptures of Easter Island have made this a major travel destination.

How to get to Easter Island?

Tourists dedicate two days to travel to Easter Island. You will have to travel to Santiago, the Chilean capital, first. LAN Airlines offer six-hour one flight from Santiago to Easter Island on a regular basis. The approximate travel time is around one and a half days.

Close-up of the intricate carvings on a moai statue on Easter Island, reflecting the skill of the ancient Rapa Nui people

How much does it cost to go to Easter Island?

You can gain access to Rapa Nui National Park by buying a ticket worth 80 dollars at the National Park booth at Mataveri Airport. Alternatively, tickets are also available at Ma’u Henua Indigenous Community Central Office in Hanga Roa.

The ticket facilitates you with an entry in Rano Kau Quarry and Ahu Tongariki. We promise that the experience is worth it and justifies the slightly higher entrance fee.

Sunset casting a golden glow over the moai statues at Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island, creating a mystical atmosphere
Witness the captivating sunset at Ahu Tongariki, where the moai statues of Easter Island are bathed in golden light.

Why is Easter Island called Easter Island?

It’s time for a history lesson. Contrary to popular opinion, Jacob Roggeveen – a Dutch explorer – discovered this eponymous island while sailing south Pacific on April 5, 1722.

This date coincided with the Easter holiday, according to the Christian calendar. Feeling inspired, Jacob named this island ‘Paasch-Eyland’, which stands for ‘Easter Island’ in Dutch. Isn’t this Easter Island fact mesmerizing?

The Top 3 Easter Island Facts

  1. Easter Island was the first Pacific island nation to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. None of the monumental sculptures of Easter Island were erect when they were first discovered. The ones you see today have been re-erected.
  3. The statues are believed to harbor spirits of tribal ancestors. They are perceived as the symbol of good fortune by locals.
The serene Anakena Beach on Easter Island, with its white sands and moai statues overlooking the Pacific Ocean
Relax on the pristine Anakena Beach of Easter Island, a perfect blend of historical intrigue and tropical beauty.

What is the best time to visit Rapa Nui National Park & Easter Island?

The best possible time of the year when you should visit Rapa Nui National Park & Easter Island is between October and December and April and June. The temperate climate makes sightseeing easy and the prices are quite reasonable.

If you wish to attend the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival, you will have to visit during February. The cool ocean breeze effortlessly complements the tropical weather, thereby making tourism comfortable.

However, the temperatures can sometimes exceed 27 degrees Celsius, so make sure that you carry ample water and apply sunscreen.

"Iconic moai statues standing against a backdrop of a clear blue sky on Easter Island, a symbol of the island's mysterious past
Explore the enigmatic moai statues of Easter Island, a testament to the island’s rich and mysterious history.

Where should you stay in Rapa Nui National Park & Easter Island?

Hare Nua Hotel Boutique: Provides the coziest rooms filled with greens and antique straw furniture, with a traditional wooden bathtub to calm your nerves at the end of your adventures.

Hotel Maea Hare Repa: The choice for minimalistic and comfortable accommodation and delicious breakfast buffet.

Pikera Uri Eco Lodge: Classy and vintage with a mesmerizing ocean view, it never fails to please the visitors.

Inaki Uhi Hotel: One of our top picks, thanks to its convenient location along with its homely feel and highly co-operative and gentle staff.

Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa: Fantastic service and celebrity style treatment right on the seashore! Also, it is at a walkable distance from the Hanga Roa.

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