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Canola Flower Fields – See China’s stunning fields of gold

Aerial view of the geometric patterns formed by the Canola Flower Fields, showcasing their scale and beauty.

The Canola flower fields in China are vast stretches of land that transform annually into an unbelievable golden yellow landscape.

In early spring, wild yellow flowers having rapeseed or canola, bloom and the whole stretch of land look like the shore of a golden sea stretching beyond the horizon, as far as the eye can see.

These blossoming yellow flowers are such a beautiful sight to see.

Where are the Canola Flower Fields in China?

These beautiful fields of yellow flowers are found in Luoping, in the Yunnan province of southern China.

Out of all the canola fields, the best and the most famous place to see the canola flowers is Jinjifeng.

It’s just a few miles outside the main town and is easily accessible by bus. The flat golden yellow fields are interrupted by peaks here and there to break the monotony

Vast Canola Flower Fields in China, blanketed in bright yellow blossoms under a clear blue sky.
Experience the vibrant beauty of China’s Canola Flower Fields, a sea of bright yellow blossoms under the open sky.

When to get to the canola flower fields?

The perfect time to visit looping for this visual feast is during February and March. The show is completely over by June! But beware of bees, as the fresh scent of the canola flowers attracts thousands of bees, and this can be irritating at times. But hey, not only do you get to see the magnificent canola flower fields, but you also get to taste wild and raw honey, all freshly prepared during these two months.

Spend your day here and explore these large natural gardens and engage in the local fests that are ongoing.

What else to do while you visit these Canola Fields?

Since you have come all the way, you shouldn’t miss out on some really scenic places in and around Luoping. A day or two is sufficient to spend on visiting the canola flower fields.

You may then engage yourself in:

  • Duoyi River lookout.
  • Visiting the Jiulong waterfall and clicking some amazing pictures.
Close-up of the delicate yellow canola flowers, symbolizing the arrival of spring in China.
Admire the delicate beauty of canola flowers up close, a joyful symbol of spring’s arrival in China.

How to get to the ‘Sea of gold’ in China?

Planning a trip to the canola flower fields? Here is how to get there: Get started from Kunming, which is also a tourist hub.

Bus – buses connecting Kunming and Luoping run every hour, and it takes a minimum of 4 hours of journey to get to Luoping.

Trains – Everyday special trains dedicated to tourists operate from Kunming to Luoping. They are a cheaper way of traveling.

Inside Luoping County, you may hire private taxis or public buses, whichever seems convenient to you.

Why is it called rapeseed?

It is called rapeseed, deriving its name from the Latin word ‘rapum’ which means turnip. After the flowers have bloomed to their full, they subsequently wither away. This is the time when rapeseeds are harvested to manufacture cooking oil.

The canola blossoms are a wonderful sight to see and are considered to be a photographer’s heaven. During the peak season of February to March, the town of Luoping is filled with overseas visitors and local tourists as well.

A picturesque pathway winding through the yellow Canola Flower Fields, inviting exploration.
Stroll along the picturesque pathways of China’s Canola Flower Fields, surrounded by a sea of yellow.

Where to stay when visiting the ‘Sea of gold’ in China?

Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel: This fabulous hotel is near to Kunming train station and brings all the convenience for a smooth trip.

Shanshui Youming Garden Homestay: If you would like to stay in a more traditional way and slow down from the stress of the journey, this place might be perfect.

Spring Guesthouse: If you are traveling on a budget you will be surprised about the value you get for your money

Aerial view of the geometric patterns formed by the Canola Flower Fields, showcasing their scale and beauty.
From above, marvel at the geometric beauty and vast scale of the Canola Flower Fields in China.

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