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Serengeti National Park – Make the most exciting Safari experience

Wide savannahs of Serengeti National Park teeming with wildlife, an ideal destination for nature lovers

The Serengeti National park truly justifies its name. A place where the land goes on forever is what this amazing wildlife park symbolizes.

The amazing space creates an iconic and differentiated image of Serengeti based on the perfect blend of nutritious grasslands, sparse woodlands, and grassy areas dotted with Acacia trees.

The Serengeti safari to explore the sheer pure wildlife makes the trip to this national park dotted with perfection.

Let us explore the forever land of Serengeti National Park.

Where is Serengeti National Park?

The Serengeti National park stretches from northern Tanzania to southwestern Kenya. With such a wildland free and open for Serengeti animals, the place is perfect to embrace the beauty of Mother Nature. The wild beasts, mighty elephants, big buffalos, tall giraffes, quick cheetahs, and beautiful antelopes, this place is home to a variety of wildlife. Also, with over species of colorful and vibrant birds, the mornings and evenings at this place sound melodious.

Zebras grazing peacefully in the grasslands of Serengeti National Park
Witness the serene beauty of zebras grazing in their natural habitat on your visit to Serengeti National Park.

The National Park has four major areas:

  • The Southern Plains
  • The Central Seronera Valley
  • The Western Corridor
  • The Northern Serengeti
Lions resting under acacia trees in Serengeti National Park, showcasing the park's rich biodiversity.
Discover the king of the jungle in its natural habitat on your visit to Serengeti National Park.

How to visit Serengeti National Park?

With such an amazing view of the Serengeti animals and birds, the Serengeti National park is unique. To visit this place the best travel trail is:

  • Book a flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, Julius Nyerere International Airport, or Arusha Airport.
  • Get to the Arusha Town from there.
  • Start the Serengeti safari from Arusha town either by flight to airstrips inside the park or by bumpy road trip by bus.
Wide savannahs of Serengeti National Park teeming with wildlife, an ideal destination for nature lovers
Embark on a journey to visit Serengeti National Park and witness the endless plains and diverse wildlife.

When is the best time to visit Serengeti National Park?

To meet wildlife and spend some time with nature, every time is just perfect. With greenery all around, open sky, cool breeze, chirping sound of birds, and the sight of the Serengeti animals, while going for the Serengeti safari is amazing and bliss.

The dry season from late June to October is just perfect. With the wildebeest migration at peak and the beauty of Serengeti antelope running around, the view of wildlife is stunningly beautiful.

Sunrise over Serengeti National Park, illuminating the vast landscapes with golden hues
Start your day with a breathtaking sunrise as you visit Serengeti National Park, a moment of serene beauty.

Why is it called a global sanctuary for elephants?

With the number of wild elephants rising, this National Park is called the global sanctuary for elephants. The care and preservation of the elephants provided at this amazing park is way higher than it can be described by mere words.

Get a chance to meet the raw and pre wildlife of Africa. From massive beasts to beautiful birds, capture everything in your heart during your unforgettable trip to Serengeti National Park!

Where to stay in the Serengeti?

Reaching this beautiful wildlife destination and embracing nature is perfect. With the cozy stay facilities and lodges, the Serengeti National Park proves to be the best place to spend time in the middle of nature. With the land stretch over forever, you can literally explore and praise every nook and corner of Serengeti. The beautiful sigh of the Serengeti animals running around freely will make your heart throb with pride.

The best locations to stay are:

  • Stay in Ndutu Region from January to March and December
  • Prefer Grumeti/Western Corridor from April to May
  • Book Central Serengeti during June and October to November
  • Visit Northern Serengeti from July to September

The best and the luxurious hotels and lodges to book are:

  • Kenzan Ndutu
  • Ndutu Safari Lodge
  • Kati Kati Ndutu
  • Ndutu Under Canvas
  • Sanctuary Kusini
  • Grumeti Migration Camp
  • Beyond Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp
  • Serena Kirawira Tented Camp
  • Thorntree Camp
  • Kiota Tented Camp
  • Sopa Serengeti
  • Kubu Kubu Tented Camp
  • Four Seasons Serengeti Safari Lodge

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