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Soumaya Museum – Little Heaven for Art Collections

Exterior view of the Soumaya Museum's distinctive silver facade, a modern architectural marvel in Mexico City

Soumaya Museum is a place of art collections in Mexico. The art palace is a dreamland for people who love art and collectibles. Built by the self-made rich man, Carlos Slim, this place is just perfect for the people to embrace art. The unique and jaw-dropping building of the museum will make you fall in love with the place even before seeing the collection. The Soumaya Museum Mexico is undoubtedly a marvelous example of architecture, and the art collection is even more impressive.

Let us explore more about the alluring beauty of Soumaya Museum, Mexico.

The Soumaya Museum has one of the most amazing and stunning buildings. The shape of the museum is unique and quite compelling. It resembles the look of rotation of a trapezoidal contour. This created a double-ruled surface that reflects light and creativity. The nine floored concrete house will leave you wondering about its beauty. The shape of the building will literally leave you mesmerizing about this Mexican Art Museum.

Exterior view of the Soumaya Museum's distinctive silver facade, a modern architectural marvel in Mexico City

Who designed Museum Soumaya?

This unusually shaped museum is designed by Carlos Slim, a self-made business tycoon. The Soumaya Museum is named after Slim’s wife Soumaya. To collect, study, preserve, showcase, and display art in Mexico and Europe, this Mexican Art Museum was developed. The beautiful shape and exclusive art collection make this place a heaven for art lovers.

Discover the diverse art collection inside the Soumaya Museum, from European masters to Mexican artists

What's the best way to see Museo Soumaya?

This spiral-shaped exclusive and enchanted Museo Soumaya is bliss to visit and explore. The Souamay Museum in Mexico City is a perfect amalgamation of art and aesthetic beauty. With nine floors connected by the spiral staircase and elevator, the place is best to explore on any day. Just make your way to the top floor, and descend to the ground floor. Start from exploring the sun-bathed top floor of the Soumaya Museum and start appreciating the beauty and exclusive art at this place.

Detailed view of the Soumaya Museum's metallic facade, an example of cutting-edge architectural design

What are the things that you must see at the Soumaya Museum?

This Mexican Art Museum is not only beautiful but also a place full of some of the most exclusive and expensive art collectibles. The best art collections that are worth watching and praising at this uniquely beautiful place are:

  • The vast and amazing collection of Rodin artwork and sculptures like The Thinker and The Gates Of Hell
  • The bright and beautiful Rivera Pieces including the final mural called Rio Juchitan
  • The expensive and classy paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci like Madonna of the Yarnwinder
  • Experience the authentic Mexican Flavor from the Virgen De Guadalupe Con Las Cuatro Apariciones by Juan de Saenz
  • Have a taste of the old masters like La Virgen Y El Nino En Un Nicho by Sandro Botticelli

Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Vincent van Gogh, and El Greco, are some of the great artists and the amazing, and beautiful art collection of them is placed in this Mexican art Museum, which awaits your love and appreciation. 

The Soumaya Museum lit up at night, showcasing its futuristic design and becoming a beacon of culture in Mexico City

What is the cost to visit Museum Soumaya?

Well, this place is free for its visitors. It means you can embrace the beauty and creativity at this place for free. Isn’t that amazing? Also, you can enjoy the lip-smacking and delicious food at the cafeteria in the Soumaya Museum Mexico City.

The beautifully constructed spiral building with mesmerizing and unbelievable art pieces, this Soumaya Museum Mexico is a must to visit on your trip to Mexico.

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