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Valensole – See the unique land of Mediterranean Fragrances

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Valensole lavender fields, a sea of purple set against the idyllic Provence landscape.

Valensole is a surprisingly beautiful plateau filled with the kaleidoscopic swirl of lavender purple and gold. Starting from what are the best things to do in Valensole to the best time for visiting this place, we have included everything in this article for you to understand this beautiful place.

With the fragrance of lavender in the air and the sky filled with shades of pink, this place is a dreamland.

The dreamland of romance and beauty situated at an altitude of 500 meters to the south of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, near Digne-Les-Bains and the Verdon gorges, this place is pure heaven. With amazing lavenders fluttering all over, and the lovely landscape, the dreamland of Valensole France, is a startling destination for photographers and lovers.

How to go to Valensole?

The stunningly beautiful and marvelous city of Valensole is ready to take you to dreamland at any point in time. With the lavenders fluttering and dancing, the sky filled with shades of pink, the air filled with sweet fragrance, and the romantic atmosphere everywhere, Valensole France is phenomenal and glorious.

Endless rows of blooming lavender at the Valensole Plateau, with a picturesque Provence landscape in the background.
Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Valensole lavender fields, a sea of purple set against the idyllic Provence landscape.

To reach this magnificent city the best options are:

Close-up of vibrant lavender flowers in bloom in Valensole, showcasing their delicate beauty.
Discover the delicate beauty of blooming lavender up close in Valensole, a sensory delight in the heart of Provence.

When to go to Valensole?

With the beginning of summer, the beauty of the lavenders starts spreading across the trails of the city. With the surprising Valensole Lavender fields, spread throughout the place looks like heaven in purple and gold on earth.

At the end of June and the beginning of July, when the lavender flowers are in full bloom, the Valensole city becomes perfect to welcome the tourists with the purple glory spread all-over.

What to do in plateau de Valensole France?

The land of Valensole is a sparkling beauty. The sheer calmness of flowers smiling at you, and the pink sky above your head, the place is just mesmerizing. With lavender fields spread all over, and the breathtaking view, the hearts of the tourists are sure to skip a beat.

To capture the beauty of the place at once and to surprise the soul, the best things to do at Valensole France are:

  • Visit the Valensole lavender fields at ‘Route de Riez’
  • Attend the Valensole lavender festival
  • Explore the Chapelle Saint-mayeul
  • Dine at Le Jardin De Celina
  • Admire the Eglise Saint-Blaise et Notre-Dame-des-Malades
  • Take a sip of Clos De Villeneuve
"Traditional stone farmhouse surrounded by the purple lavender fields of Valensole, embodying rural French charm.
Explore the charm of a traditional stone farmhouse nestled amidst the lavender fields of Valensole, a quintessential Provence experience.

What is the best time for Lavender photos?

With beautiful lavender fields and purple and gold flowers, the picture clicked at the Valensole are awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping. The place is the perfect destination for photographers who wish to capture nature in their lens.

Between 6:30 to 10PM in the evening, when the sunsets and the sky is filled with hues, the glowing sparkle of sunlight, and the beautiful lavenders dancing around, the time to capture the picture of the Valensole lavender fields will be extraordinary.

When is the Valensole Lavender festival?

The breathtaking view of the Lavenders is spread all across the city. With infinite beauty and jaw-dropping scenes, the place is just unbelievable. The Valensole lavender fields spread across the endless, and under the sparkling sunlight and cool breeze, the place is perfect.

The Lavande Angevin is the best and the coolest Valensole lavender fields to visit. The beauty of the lavender is celebrated in the Valensole Lavender festival on 3rd July every year.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Valensole lavender fields, a sea of purple set against the idyllic Provence landscape.
Experience a magical sunset over Valensole’s lavender fields, where the sky and flowers blend in a canvas of colors.

The fairyland of lavender, spreading joy and beauty, with the purple flowers smiling and spreading their fragrance, the city of Valensole France is phenomenal. So plan your trip to the Valensole lavender fields to capture its beauty, and create a life time memory here!

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