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Bagan In Myanmar – Discover The Secrets Of This Extraordinary Temple Plain

Aerial view of Bagan during sunset, highlighting the golden hues on the temples and landscape.

Rising from the lush green trees, the extraordinary plain of more than 3500 ancient temples and pagodas of Buddhists, the Bagan is just aesthetic beauty. With the details of the beauty, it stores, this article will take you to a trip of Bagan Myanmar Temples. Keep reading the article ahead to know everything about Began.

With the free-flowing Irrawaddy river and surrounded by the hazy silver-grey mountains, the land of peace and beauty, at its peak, Bagan, Myanmar is mesmerizing. With the astonishing aerial view and such a stunning cluster of ancient buildings and temples that stretch beautifully to around 16 square miles, the Old Bagan Myanmar temples are just charming.

With so much to explore and visit, this place will literally amaze you.

How to get to Bagan in Myanmar?

Bagan is a place that has restores the beauty of the ancient temples with the lush green trees and the beautiful silver-grey mountain, all covered by the cottony clouds from above. To reach this destination the best travel route is from Yangon to Bagan. Just fly from the Yangon International Airport into Nyaung U airport and book a cab from there to reach the Old Bagan Myanmar in 10 minutes or New Bagan, Myanmar in 20 minutes.

Intricate stone carvings adorning the façade of a Bagan temple, showcasing Myanmar's artistry.
Admire the intricate stone carvings on Bagan’s temples, reflecting the artistic mastery of ancient Myanmar.

What things to do in Bagan?

The alluring beauty of nature, the endless sky running above the head, and the architectural beauty of temples blended with the charismatic aura, this place is a paradise. With so much to explore and visit, the best things to do here are:

Sunrise over the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar, with silhouettes of temples and hot air balloons in the sky.
Witness a breathtaking sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar, where the sky comes alive with hot air balloons over ancient temples.
  • Wake up early and fall in love with the beautiful sunrise.
  • Get an electric bike and go cycling around the temples and pagodas
  • Explore the archaeological ruins.
  • Try on the delicious and authentic Burmese cuisine.
  • Visit Mani-Sithu Market.
  • Stop by a Lacquerware workshop.
  • Go for the charming Bagan’s sunset.
  • Ride in the Balloons over Bagan

When to visit Bagan in Myanmar?

With the usual temperature high all through the year, the best time to visit Bagan in Myanmar is between November and February. During this time of the year, the temperature decrease creates a soothing and calming environment.

The sensational beauty of the temples with the charm of nature, the Bagan are just thrilling. With so much to explore and with every moment awe-inspiring, a trip to this place would be just calming to the soul and memorable, so plan one today!

A panoramic view of the sprawling temple plains of Bagan, dotted with pagodas and stupas.
Explore the panoramic beauty of Bagan’s temple plains, a testament to Myanmar’s rich Buddhist heritage.

Where is best to stay in Bagan?

The Bagan is an extraordinary place that will give you shivers. With so much it holds and the soothing and calming environment that id created here, the place is bliss. The positive aura of the mind-blowing architect will help you to leave all your worries behind.

Aerial view of Bagan during sunset, highlighting the golden hues on the temples and landscape.
Soar above Bagan during sunset to see the landscape transform with golden hues, a mesmerizing view of Myanmar.

The best places to stay here are:

  • Hotel at Tharabar Gate: With a couple of temples in the garden, an outdoor pool, a spa, and a wellness center, this hotel is a luxury.
  • Bagan Hotel River View: With the view of the astounding river, and just next to the Bagan Archaeological Museum and the Gawdawpalin Temple, this hotel is a smooth stay.
  • Myanmar Treasure Resorts Bagan: The palace-like resort with a beautiful garden and so many swimming pools, this hotel is a luxurious stay.
  • Heritage Bagan Hotel: The luxurious and the most spectacular hotel just near to the airport, this is one of the best and comfy stay options.
  • Amata Garden Resort Bagan: The budget-friendly hotel with splendid hospitality and the best scenic view, this is a place to consider on the trip to amazing Bagan.

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