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Binhai Library – Garden of books embedded in spectacular design

Visitors lounging and reading in the unique spherical auditorium of Binhai Library.

Binhai Library, located in China is the futuristic knowledge center that adores and fills its visitors with immense pleasure linked with knowledge. The Tianjin Library will leave the visitors dumbfounded with the beauty and the structure.

The spectacular collection of books, a big eye in the middle of the place, 5 floors of books stacked from the ground to top at each, and every staircase, makes this place sheer beautiful, and fun to explore. For a book lover, this place is heaven on earth.

What is Binhai Library?

A beautiful center filled with books to impart knowledge and skills, to make you go awe with every step, and fill you will awe-interesting facts, the Binhai library will leave every visitor speechless.

Translated to The Eye in literal terms, the 362,000-square-foot library is an unbelievable garden of books ready to enlighten you anytime.  The spherical multimedia cascade embedded with the LED panel popularly known as the Eye at Tianjin Library leaves everyone flabbergasting.

The luminous, airy atrium of Binhai Library, filled with natural light.cowardlion/Shutterstock.com
Bask in the natural light of Binhai Library’s airy atrium. A serene spot for bookworms!

Where you can find the Tianjin Library?

The architecture marvel and house of knowledge is in China’s district of Binhai municipality. The coastal city of Tianjin is the home of this astonishing education center.

With around 1.2 million books holding capacity, stacked in the 5 floored building and every serving the role of shelves and sitting facility will allow you to spend your time with peace.

No matter where you start in the Tianjin library, the book-world with every step you move ahead will leave you gazing at the beauty and astonished with hundreds of books to fill you up.

The futuristic exterior of Binhai Library, a modern architectural marvel in Tianjin.Foreverhappy/Shutterstock.com
Witness the stunning modern architecture of Binhai Library. A must-visit spot in Tianjin

Who designed the Tianjin Binhai library?

The free-flowing Tianjin Binhai library of imagination and dreams was designed by Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV and profoundly supported by the local group of architects, Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI). Such a thrilling sight of books and a vast area for knowledge, this vast cave transformed into a home that can hold 1.2 million books in just 3 years.

Just turn your head and go round in the dreamland of books, Binhai library is ready to amuse you every time to visit.

Spectacular view of the cascading bookshelves inside Binhai Library, Tianjin.Foreverhappy/Shutterstock.com
Explore the architectural wonder of Binhai Library’s cascading bookshelves on your visit.

What makes the Tianjin Binhai library exclusive?

With the brand new design and concept, the Tianjin Binhai Library is an architectural marvel and one of the finest libraries all around the world. With so much knowledge to offer, this place will leave to startle. And gathering everything at once is impossible, but still to start the Tianjin Binhai Library is speechless. The exclusive and distinct features of this dazzling library are:

  • Spread in the area of 362000-square-foot
  • 5-floored introverted center
  • Home to around 1.2 million books which hole 200000 books currently
  • 82 seat spherical auditorium in the middle
  • LED-screen-covered multimedia display on the Eye
  • Stairs for holding books and for walking, stepping, sitting, lying, and exploring.

Where to stay in Binhai on your visit to Binhai Library?

With so much to explore and read, the Binhai library at Tianjin is the perfect destination for book lovers. Staying and exploring the city and library is a breathtaking experience. With so many budget-friendly and luxurious hotels at this place, you can book your stay with comfort.

Some of the spectacular hotels to book are:

  • Atour Hotel
  • Tianjin Binhai Saint Light Hotel
  • Hilton Tianjin Eco-City
  • Sheraton Tianjin Binhai hotel
Visitors lounging and reading in the unique spherical auditorium of Binhai Library.
Immerse in a reading experience like no other at Binhai Library’s spherical auditorium.

With knowledge free flowing in the air, and books to surround you, the Binhai Library is mind-blowing. The marvelous structure and display, a phenomenal collection of books, and the architectural beauty, a visit of this paradise of the book are totally admirable. So plan your travel today!

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