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Kjeragbolten – For those daredevil hikers out there

Aerial view of Kjeragbolten, illustrating its precarious position and the sheer scale of the surrounding cliffs

Kjeragbolten is a boulder that is wedged into a deep crevice in the Kjerag hill. It is suspended in the crevice and below it, is a 984-meter deep abyss. It was a result of recurrent reformations of the valleys in between the several ice ages.

The Kjeragbolten in Norway was formed in around 50,000 B.C. during the last glacial period.

Where is Kjeragbolten in Norway?

The Kjeragbolten sits on the Kjerag hill, which is located on the shore of Lysefjord. Lysefjord, in turn, is a fjord that you find towards the southwest of Lysebotn village. A fjord is a narrow extension of the sea in between the mountains and is a speciality of Norway.

Aerial view of Kjeragbolten, illustrating its precarious position and the sheer scale of the surrounding cliffs
Capture your own unforgettable moment on Kjeragbolten, with Norway’s breathtaking fjord as your backdrop.

Let’s get you a route from Oslo to Kjeragbolten, since Oslo is the starting point of all Norway vacations.

From Oslo to Lysebotn: Lysebotn is the closest town to Kjeragbolten and is just 15 minutes away. You can fly from Oslo to Lysebotn or you may as well choose a car ride from Oslo to Lysebotn, which takes around 7 to 8 hours

From Lysebotn to Kjeragbolten trail:
By car, it takes hardly 15 minutes to reach the bottom of the Kjeragbolten hike trail.

Panoramic view of the scenic landscape around Kjeragbolten, with the vast Lysefjord below
Marvel at the panoramic beauty of Lysefjord from Kjeragbolten, a stunning viewpoint in Norway’s rugged landscape.

Why do people climb Kjeragbolten, Norway?

Most people – if not all – visit the Kjeragbolten in Norway for the daring Kjeragbolten hike and for the breathtaking landscape views. You get to see from a thousand meters above and from the Kjerag plateau. The climax of the trip is almost always a photograph posed on top of Kjeragbolten.

What is the best time for the Kjeragbolten hike?

The summer season, of course. The Kjeragbolten hike follows a strict seasonal pattern to avoid fogs, rains, and harsh climate.

Hikers en route to Kjeragbolten, traversing the challenging yet scenic trails of the Norwegian landscape
Embark on a hiking adventure to Kjeragbolten, a rewarding journey through Norway’s stunning natural terrain.

Is Kjeragbolten hike safe?

As challenging a climb Kjerag is, you find a couple of chains to assist you at the steepest parts. Furthermore, some red-colored T’s are painted on the rocks along the path, and thus you just can’t get lost or diverted. Fog and rain, if present, happens to be your worst enemies at the climb.

As of the infamous Kjeragbolten deaths, nobody has yet died from the Kjeragbolten hike itself. The few Kjeragbolten deaths were all due to base jumping from the boulder and not because of merely standing and falling from Kjeragbolten.

Adventurous hiker standing on Kjeragbolten, the suspended rock between two cliffs in Norway, with a breathtaking view
Experience the thrill of standing on Kjeragbolten, a unique rock suspended above a fjord in Norway, offering an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

How long does it take to hike Kjeragbolten?

The hike is bound to take a good 6 to 7 hours which includes both the uphill and downhill journey.

If you are a hiking daredevil, you surely can’t miss Kjeragbolten, Norway. Hike the Kjerag hill and enjoy the spectacular views of mountains and fjords and visualize the incredibly beautiful impact the ice ages have left on Norway.

Where to stay for the hike – Lysebotn, Norway?

The best possible way to spend nights is by camping out in the open, for an altogether magical experience. Make sure to bring a tent and other necessities if you prefer this option. However, in case you want to comfortably spend your nights indoors, check out on these:

  • Stavanger Bed and Breakfast:
  • Flørli 4444 Hostel: An affordable lodging that comes with dorms and also provides spectacular views of Lysefjord.
  • Lysefiorden Tourist Cabin
  • Sirdal Hoyfjellshotell

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